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A planet's distress call for hunters to track and kill an infected herd of beasts brings the universe's most effective marksmen. Most come to hunt, some come to betray old enemies, and one comes intent on murder.

See what Kirkus Reviews said about The High Hunt:

"Explosive action in the far future."

  Kirkus Reviews
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Foreword Reviews had this to say about The High Hunt:

"Connell fearlessly explores the baser instincts of humanity in this gritty, concisely constructed sci-fi adventure."

  Foreword Reviews (5 out of 5 stars)
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The Midwest Book Review said this about The High Hunt:

"The High Hunt is a hunting-oriented science fiction drama filled with close encounters between hunters, the hunted, and those with their own agendas for facing past and present events."

 — The Midwest Book Review
D. Donovan, Sr. eBook Reviewer, MBR

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Follow two rough ex-convicts released early from prison as they hit the highways on a tense road trip home through an America they barely recognize because America is coming apart. Secession Day, or S-Day, looms.

Awarded the Bronze Medal in Forewords' Book of the Year Awards.

Kirkus Reviews
had this to say about Total Secession:

"Connell offers a tough but touching futuristic thriller. Full of fury and feeling, sure to interest fans of crime novels, thrillers and alternate futures."

  Kirkus Reviews

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See what Foreword Reviews had to say about Total Secession:

"Total Secession is a tour de force of speculative fiction. The plot takes many detours, but they are enjoyable ones for readers, especially those who enjoy lyrical use of language."

  Foreword Reviews (5 out of 5 stars)

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The Midwest Book Review had this to say about Total Secession:

"Total Secession is a dialogue-driven book packed with strong characters, lots of description, and a heady attention to local lingo and dialect reflected in speech; the ultimate result providing a realistic account of the human condition."

  The Midwest Book Review
Diane Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR

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BlueInk Review said this about Total Secession:

"There's a lot to like in Total Secession. Connell is a talented writer with a gift for metaphor and characterization, and he populates the oft-pulpy narrative with a variety of colorful characters and action-packed sequences."

  BlueInk Review
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Enter the underbelly of Manhattan where two warring crews of telepaths read or alter the thoughts of the "hacks" around them, for a fee.  

A gritty and provocative tale with paranoid characters all seeking to get an edge over each other in the city that never sleeps where no good deed goes unpunished.

See what Kirkus Reviews had to say about Lay Saints:

"Connell pulls the psychic scenario out of the usual mystical dungeon and gives it a bracing, noir-edged urban naturalism. A stylish reimagining of the psychic mystery genre. The engrossing result feels like an ESP-themed mash-up of The Sopranos and The Wire as scripted by Quentin Tarantino."

 Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
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Selected by Kirkus as a Best Book of 2012 in four categories: Overall, Top 25, SF/F, and Mystery and Noir.

Listen to what Barnes & Noble had to say about Lay Saints:

"Connell's mastery at character development--and not just the main characters; every single one--makes this a deeply fascinating read. And, like Counterfeit Kings, there are no stereotypical heroes or villains here: everyone is painted in varying shades of gray. The characters are all strong and compelling but deeply and, sometimes fatally, flawed."

 Explorations: The Barnes & Noble SF/F Blog

Chosen by Barnes & Noble as one of the Top 5 Science Fiction Novels of 2012.

Read what The Midwest Book Review had to say about Lay Saints:

"Lay Saints, with its realistic and complex cast of protagonists and the added bonus of wild talents up for exploit, is a powerful read that is gritty, honest, gripping and unpredictable. Any who enjoy noir detective stories, explorations with New York City underworld settings, and a touch of science fiction injected into complex social and political interactions will find this an absorbing read, impossible to put down."

 The Midwest Book Review
D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR
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Hear what BlueInk Review had to say about Lay Saints:

"Adam Connell's Lay Saints is a sleek homage to noir with a fantasy twist. His style is in turns reminiscent of Elmore Leonard, Chuck Palahniuk, and William Gibson, but his voice is all his own. It's sleazy, it's violent, it's honest, and it's a damn good read."

  BlueInk Review (starred review)
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Book Wilde had this to say about Lay Saints:

"Layered dialogue and action drive the plot in this gritty crime noir/speculative fiction mash-up.  Filled with black humor and tough cynical characters, we are treated to a New York that is both stunning and sinister."

 Book Wilde
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Listen to what Publishers Weekly said about Lay Saints:

"Fans of the genre will find a lot to like here--particularly the snappy dialogue and solid world-building."

  Publishers Weekly
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A colony of gas mines hovering in the volcanic plumes over the Jovian moon Io. When the colony's leader goes missing after an assassination attempt, a massive manhunt is launched to track him down and return him to power before everything collapses.

Confusing the search are the Ringers, indentured bodyguards who have been physically and emotionally altered to look and act just like their leader. They mysteriously dispersed after the attack, these counterfeit kings.


Chosen by Barnes & Noble as
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Originally published by Phobos Books in 2004.

Below you'll find a selection of nice things people said about
Counterfeit Kings.

"Struggle for identity and self-sacrifice are just a few of the powerful stories beneath an action-packed surface plot that provokes as it dazzles. Featuring shattered characters whose souls are as dirtied as their deteriorated surroundings, Connell's novel boldly challenges the rigid moral conservatism so often found in traditional space opera, and is sure to both please and anger readers of this particular subgenre."

  Publishers Weekly
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"Adam Connell's debut novel, a down-and-dirty game of deep-space hide-and-seek entitled Counterfeit Kings, is the antithesis of space opera. While it may be pretentious to compare a debut novel to a Bester masterwork, Counterfeit Kings is a surprisingly elaborate and undeniably entertaining story with gritty characters that will stay with the reader for a long, long time."

 Explorations: The B&N SF/F Blog

"Adam Connell debuts with an excellent future-world tale in which business rules and sabotage and assassination are the order of the day. Counterfeit Kings is a mesmerizing, action-packed and riveting work of science fiction."

  The Midwest Book Review

"Connell writes in a deceptively simple, declarative style sparingly accented with startling similes. The well-constructed plot moves inexorably toward an annihilating climax reminiscent of an Elizabethan revenge tragedy. Counterfeit Kings marks the advent of a bold new talent, and I'll be looking forward to seeing where Connell goes next."

The SF Site
Victoria Strauss
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"It is one hell of a roller-coaster ride--No, I take that back. Roller coasters have ups and downs; this is pure acceleration, an adrenaline-injected, pulse-pounding, no-holds-barred, all-out adventure."

Nth Degree
Michael D. Pederson

"Connell's prose is often simultaneously hilariously funny and deadly sharp; like a Quentin Tarantino of the science fiction world, Connell brings the reader's attention to details so minute and yet so brutal that they burn holes in the pages."

Kilian Melloy

"If you're looking for the more gritty science fiction--where you're not going to see gleaming white starships flying through the cosmos, but something far more realistic--then this is the book to pick up."

Sci-Fi Overdrive
Lauren Oboe

"Adam Connell is a new writer with all the gifts you look for in a rising star: imagination, an eye and an ear for character and detail--and it doesn't hurt that his book,
Counterfeit Kings, delivers a compelling combination of science fiction adventure, satirical political observation, and a healthy dose of sex 'n' violence."

 Edge Boston

For the full review, and an interview with me, click here.

"Adam Connell creates a realistic future in this darkly humorous and gritty novel. This future is more like the urban mean streets: the characters are all damaged in some way and their environment is precarious. Against this backdrop, Mr. Connell delivers us a group of multi-layered and vivid characters, but no real heroes or villains. The science is well integrated into the plot and Connell excels at writing both action scenes and the more intimate scenes between the characters. Adam Connell is clearly an author to watch."

 Readers Read
Claire E. White
For the whole review, click here.

"Adam is making quite a name for himself in the science fiction world with
Counterfeit Kings."

 The Dragon Page
Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra

"Counterfeit Kings is the King Lear of space operas. Science fiction has a fresh, new, no-nonsense voice and his name is Adam Connell."

 Steven-Elliot Altman

"A juggernaut that moves like a greyhound, Counterfeit Kings is a high-stakes hide-and-seek with lots of action, vivid characterizations and brutally spare prose. Connell has an undeniable edge, and will earn his place in the genre."

 Susan R. Matthews
Philip K. Dick-Award nominee

The first line from The New York Times Book Review was this: "Adam Connell's Counterfeit Kings represents another kind of science fiction altogether." Sounds promising, no? This is what we call the pull quote. I would be remiss if I neglected this vindictive nugget, written by an anachronistic and bitter reviewer who critiqued SF novels as if it was still 1965. After too long a tenure, he's no longer with The Times. Go figure. If you'd like to see vituperation in action, click here.

There is a persistent rumor that I have plans for a belated sequel called Counterfeit Queens that would take place in the Deeps, a region of deep space mentioned in Counterfeit Kings. And that Counterfeit Queens would focus mainly on the characters Sari, Sari's daughter, and Kitsis.

Only time will tell if this rumor is true.

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